This is the list of the most expensive cars in the world in 2023

This is the list of the most expensive cars in the world in 2023

Cars are now not only seen as vehicles, but also as a lifestyle, a prestige value, and even a work of art that can be driven. For this reason, discussions about the most expensive cars in the world will always be interesting in the automotive world.

Some automotive manufacturers only focus on producing cars with high prestige value, for example Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bugatti or Koenigsegg. This is because the driving experience is an additional value than just moving the driver from one place to another.

1. Rolls-Royce Boat Tail – IDR 415 Billion!

This is it, the car that answers the question of what is the most expensive car. The most expensive car in the world today, introduce the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail with an astonishing price, US$ 28 million or around Rp. 415 billion! The reason this car is expensive is none other than because apart from being made like a handcraft, this car, which was only made in three units, has luxury items.

Inside this car there are items that are claimed to be expensive and luxurious, such as an analog watch on the dashboard, a portable picnic and many others.

It was also stated that the time needed for Rolls-Royce to work on one Boat-Tail unit takes up to four years. As the name and function suggests, the Boat-Tail is a car that is also designed to resemble a cruise ship.

2. Bugatti La Voiture Noire – IDR 277.5 billion

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is in the top two most expensive cars in the world because its current price reaches US$18.7 million or Rp. 277.5 billion.

This car is equipped with a W16 quad-turbo engine with a capacity of 8.0-liter, which can produce 1,479 hp of power and 1,600 Nm of torque. With this engine, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire can accelerate from 0-100 km per hour in just 2.5 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 420 km per hour.

3. Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta – IDR 261.2 billion

The Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta is a very special and rare car. This is because the car manufacturer headquartered in Modena, Italy, only produces three units with a current price of US$17.6 million or around Rp. 261.2 billion.

This hypercar is equipped with a Mercedes-AMG M120 V12 engine with a capacity of 7.3 liters which is capable of producing 789 hp of power and 850 Nm of torque. With this engine, this car is claimed to be able to accelerate from 0-100 km per hour in just 3.1 seconds and reach up to 355 km per hour according to circuit 1 events.

4. Bugatti Bolide – IDR 71.2 billion

Bugatti is one of the luxury car brands that attracts the most attention. This brand has succeeded in becoming a prestigious sports car icon and was chosen by public figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Just like other supercars which were produced in very limited quantities to maintain their exclusivity, the Bugatti Bolide was only sold in 30 units. This car is still in the pre-order stage and the estimated price is $ 4.8 Million. or IDR 71.2 billion.

The special value of this million dollar car is that it has a carbon monocoque frame which is designed to be much lighter and more aerodynamic than the Chiron. From this change, Bugatti claims that the Bolide only weighs 1,451 kg or 453 kg lighter than the Bugatti Chiron.

5. Lamborghini Veneno – IDR 59.3 billion

The Veneno is an extremely rare hypercar created by Lamborghini as a celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. With an introductory price of $4,000,000. The Veneno was the most expensive road legal car produced by Lamborghini at the time of its launch.

The Veneno is based on the Aventador and uses the same engine. Namely a 6.5-liter V-12 and a 7-Speed single-clutch automated manual transmission. As is typical of Lambo, this car is powered by all four wheels.

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